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Dealer, Old Man, Front

This Character is an old antiques dealer for the RPG that I am working on. He is one of the few people that can go into the dangerous parts of the city to recover artifacts that he can then sell in his shop. The normal map detail was created from a bump map that I created. To add wrinkles to his face and folds to his clothes.

Poly Count 5,352

Dealer Close up

In this close-up you can see the wrinkles, crows feet and cheek bones. These details were added to the normal map by a custom bump map I created. This shows my understanding of how to compensate for the distortions on a UVW map. I create my UVW map with a little distortion as possible and put the seams in places that will be less noticeable. I also import the normal map into Deep Paint and paint out any hard edges.

Dealer, 3/4 view



Hover over the button to see the wireframe. There are more polygons in the face because he has facial bones that can be used to make expressions and lip sync.

Dealer, Over head view


Dealer, Side View


Monster, Guard Fight, Moon light.

Here is a screen shot of the dealer all the props and background by Jon Kreuzer.

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Phone 315-854-4398