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This is the finished horse rendered in real time. The normal map is generated from a high poly ZBrush model. The hair texture fallows the hair added to the ZBrush model. The specular map contains dark and light strands of hair to add to the hair texture. Poly count 2386.

Horse - Wire Frame

Some Views of the Model with Wire frame.

Horse 02

Here is the horse in ZBrush I researched the anatomy of horses and made this horse to be a cross between a Clydesdale and a normal horse. I also added some veins which are hard to see in this picture.

Horse 02

Horse 02

Another view in ZBrush. The perspective in ZBrush is isometric so there is no vanishing point that is why it may look a little weird.

Here is a demonstration of what the normal map adds to the model. If you hover over the button you will see that the definition of the model is lost. If I was working on a game engine that didn't us normal maps I would approach the defuse map differently, I would put the muscle definition on the model using general lighting on the defuse map. This would create a similar look as the normal map but not be as realistic.

- Josh Hess -
Phone 315-854-4398