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Monster, HDR, Sword

This is the monster for a medieval RPG that I am working on. The concept is that they are summoned demons from another dimension. To add to the demon's look I gave him burnt skin and torn flesh. Most of the detail was crated in ZBrush and then I generated a normal map from that model and applied it to the low poly version. Poly Count 3,958

Monster, Bind Pose, front

Monster, Bind Pose, Back

Monster, Trees, depth blur

Monster in action. I created all the art in these scenes.

Monster, Spine, Back, Zbrush

Monster, Front Closeup, Zbrush

Monster, Bind Pose, front
Monster, Bind Pose, front


24 Frame Run Cycle.
The animation shows the weight of the sword and the menacing determination of the monster.

- Josh Hess -
Phone 315-854-4398